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I have been informed and I understand that the activities I will attend will be delivered in English by a foreign student or graduate. I am totally responsible (together with my legal tutors) for my full participation during the GROW educational program. As a participant in the GROW program, I will provide during the second meeting a written document, signed by one of my legal tutors, on taking full responsibility of my participation. I understand that at the end of the program I will receive a certification diploma only if I attend all the educational modules provided by organizers.I am available to attend the entire program and I am also available to participate in the extra activities. As this program is designed to support the educational development of participants, I hereby commit to respect all the participants in the program and to collaborate with organizers, trainers and other participants for a successful implementation of the program. I hereby allow the organizers to use my personal data strictly for organizing purposes (information, reminders, communication and possible newsletters) and for promotion purposes (in all and any of the visual materials that I will appear in).
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