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If you have financial difficulties and you cannot cover the costs of the project please attach the following 3 documents. The SCHOLATSHIP will be offered to the participants whose parents have a maximum wage per family member of 950 RON (venit maxim pe economie pe membru de familie 950 RON).

Please upload in the application form a certificate of your mother’s income. (Adeverință de salariat - salariu brut – de la locul de muncă al mamei tale sau Declarație pe propria răspundere în care declară ca nu are nici un venit). *

Please upload in the application form a certificate of your father’s income. (Adeverință de salariat - salariu brut - de la  locul de muncă al tatălui tău sau Declarație pe propria răspundere în care declară ca nu are nici un venit). *

Please upload a statement to attest the number of members in your family (declarație care să ateste numărul de membri din familia ta). *

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Now let's talk about GROW!

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What are your most important 3 values? *

A personal value is a life principle or concept that is extremely important to you, that you take into consideration whenever you need to take important and difficult decisions. You generally tend to like people who have similar personal values and to dislike people who seem to have opposite values.
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What is your proficiency in English?

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I have read and I agree with the terms and conditions: *

I have been informed and I understand that the activities I will attend will be delivered in English by a foreign student or graduate. I am totally responsible, together with my legal tutors, for my full participation during the GROW educational program. As a participant in the GROW program, I will provide during the second meeting a written document, signed by one of my legal tutors, on taking full responsibility of my participation. I understand that at the end of the program I will receive a certification diploma only if I attend all the educational modules provided by organizers.

I am available to attend the entire program and I am also available to participate in the extra activities. As this program is designed to support the educational development of participants, I hereby commit to respect all the participants in the program and to collaborate with organizers, trainers and other participants for a successful implementation of the program. I hereby allow the organizers to use my personal data strictly for organising purposes (information, reminders, communication and possible newsletters) and for promotion purposes (in all and any of the visual materials that I will appear in).

Școala de Valori processes my personal datas by automatic and manual means. The purpose of collecting this data is carrying out the GROW program activities, making reports and analysis on educational needs and sending on e-mail informations regarding Școala de Valori new activities.

Școala de Valori is registered at ANSPDCP - The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing  in the Register of personal data operators under no 27171.
Are you coming with another GROW friend? What is his/her name?

[e.g YES - Cristina Cojocaru or No.] 
Apply between January 14th - 31st and catch the early bird
Thank you for your application. Soon you will be contacted by local ambassadors and will tell you how you can confirm your participation in the program. Have a wonderful day!
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